Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jon Stewart Combats Fox News' War On Christmas By Declaring His Own (VIDEO)

Good one Jon. America needs a christmas tree in every square. Its about all those pretty lights, right? I do not have a real issue with the christmas time. I even listen to christmas music a bit myself. I do however, have some concern about the wahoos on fox news who believe that America needs to dance in the lime light of the Jesus celebratio­n and of course, obey the wishes in and out of our town squares of the christian right evangelica­l sects who will only have the wishes given to them their way and no other way. I like the holiday. I might even go drive around tonight and see the displays. But spare me the illigitima­te excuse for your own demigoguer­y by telling me that there is a war against your holiness of your own walk of life. Noone is taking christmas off this planet and noone has a G-dlessnes­s about them if they wish you a happy holidays or happy season. This is Capitalism and we do.
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